Outside the Box Thoughts

Sometimes there are so many things that I want to say, but then at the same time, I don’t even know how to express those thoughts into English. Maybe if I learned another language or so, I would be better at expressing what is going through my mind, my soul. Life has been so different, well as a matter of fact it has always been different from others. Being a military child, moving to a few different states and one country. Then having to move to Michigan and settle there for nearly 20 years, only to pick up again to move near Washington D.C. How on earth did I get here? All I know is growing up I was taught about Jesus and how to love him and him alone. There were always these sayings that never made much sense to me, but you hear individuals at church and even your grandparents repeat these phrases so they ought to mean something, right? God has brought me so far in my faith, sometimes I feel like I am alone at the things I am learning and at other times, I don’t feel like I am doing much. One thing i learned though is, it is absolutely not about how I feel, it isn’t even about knowing that God loves me, who I am, where I am. It is about his word and when I read his word and I look into that mirror do I see Him or do I see me? These past few years, getting out of his way, allowing Him to move in my life has been amazing, however I do sometimes find myself getting in the way and have to step back.

I have this dear friend and I fear that she is playing with new age and incorporating that as well as universalisim into christianity. That is pretty scary. The word says Jesus alone, he is the way the truth and the light, none other go to God, but by him. The word grace has been thrown around so much these past few years as well as ‘he knows my heart’, ‘love conquers all’, ‘judge not’, man I just want to puke! So much of Gods holy words has been twisted to our own thoughts and meaning that it has been degraded so much so, people want to write their own books and call it a bible. No one wants to do research to find the truth, but instead feed off of every word that a minister behind a pulpit tells you or the minister on tv. If a pastor or minister are speaking fallacies and speaking against the word of God, you better move your behind and find a new place of worship or change your television channel. What do you have to lose? Is it moving you out of your comfort zone? GOOD DO IT…MOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE!!!!

Aren’t you tired of this ‘speak positive’ that was brought to us by the secret? I sure as heck am. They took the words of James, where we are told to be careful what we speak and twisted these scriptures to have others following them instead of what the word says. You say that it makes it better? So what you are telling me is that the WORD of God isn’t good enough that you had to add to it? I see, well you can keep your positive outlook on everything, even if you are lying to yourself and others, I don’t want it. Another thing I no longer desire is to be around people who will not grow up and act childish. I believe we are called to be mature responsible individuals for a reason. I believe we are called to put away childish things and grow up. As everyone is celebrating a pagan day in the next 7 hours, I am just going to have a normal day and probably go to bed early. I have no desire to participate in the days that man says we must participate, but instead what God says. His word is truth and will not return void. He is the only way. We can listen to man all we want, but even a hint of a lie is grounds for dismissal in my book.

There is even so much more on my mind, but it will have to wait for another day, but this helps me just to get this off my chest and off my mind.


A Short Intro

Niagara FallsWell, since you are going to get to know about me, that is pieces of me, I am not going to go into anything lengthy. However, just so you know, I am a down to earth person, a realist, an analyst, a researcher, someone who has a moral compass and tries my best to live by it and feels guilty if not, passionate about many things, a lover and a fighter, but always a friend. As I am writing and reading there is so much more I can add to the list above, but you are just going to have to learn. Oh last but not least, I am a believer in the scripture from front to back. If you find things about me that you don’t agree with, I understand. This is a platform in which I am using to alleviate my thoughts, relieve myself from stresses and things that drive me nuts. Also a place where I can come and question things so that I can see it in written form and take mental notes to process what it is that I am experiencing or trying to understand. So fair warning, there may be ramblings. Am I perfect? Far from it. The only way that I am perfect is because of whom I believe in. Does this make me free to do anything I want to do? Absolutely not and you will see as you learn about me.