A Short Intro

Niagara FallsWell, since you are going to get to know about me, that is pieces of me, I am not going to go into anything lengthy. However, just so you know, I am a down to earth person, a realist, an analyst, a researcher, someone who has a moral compass and tries my best to live by it and feels guilty if not, passionate about many things, a lover and a fighter, but always a friend. As I am writing and reading there is so much more I can add to the list above, but you are just going to have to learn. Oh last but not least, I am a believer in the scripture from front to back. If you find things about me that you don’t agree with, I understand. This is a platform in which I am using to alleviate my thoughts, relieve myself from stresses and things that drive me nuts. Also a place where I can come and question things so that I can see it in written form and take mental notes to process what it is that I am experiencing or trying to understand. So fair warning, there may be ramblings. Am I perfect? Far from it. The only way that I am perfect is because of whom I believe in. Does this make me free to do anything I want to do? Absolutely not and you will see as you learn about me.


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