Losing for Winning


Last night I went to bed while the rest of the world was celebrating the pagan new year. I live in this world, but I am not of this world, I am passing through and spreading the truth of my savior while I am waiting for him to take me to my final destination.

Anyhow, last night while I was sleeping I can remember 2 dreams, very vividly and in each dream in one dream I lost one person very close to me, in the second dream I lost two people close to me.

These dreams are recorded to the best of my knowledge. Sometimes there are missing pieces because I have been awakened or have been up for too long to remember every detail of a dream.

Dream 1


I met this wonderful man (who is my husband in real life) and we decided that we wanted to be together. At the time I was living with my parents and he was living with his, we lived 10 hours apart. He moved in with me and we had a loving relationship. My family loved him and we thought we were going to be married, until one day he came home packed his things and left back to his parents. He told me that it wasn’t working and he wanted to be alone. While I stayed in my room distraught from the love of my life leaving me after everything appearing to be so wonderful in our relationship, my brother came to visit me. My brother was wearing a red shirt and black jeans as he walked into my bedroom where I was lying on my bed. He asked me where my love had gone and I told him that he decided to leave, said it wasn’t working. My brother was confused as I was because everything seemed to be fine. He picked up the phone and asked me what the phone number was to call my love. I looked at him and said, I don’t know, it’s in my phone. It was about 8am so he still had to be driving since he left at 6am. My brother picked up the phone and started dialing his number and asked him why he was leaving and if he would ever come back. To which my love replied, I am going to my parents and I don’t know.


I don’t remember much more after that because my husband came into the bedroom and needed something from me, whew! I am so glad that was just a dream.

Dream 2


While in college I have two wonderful friends (one I met while in college and the other I met while at work). Now I don’t remember what class we were in, but we had a male instructor who wore glasses, a receded hair line, wearing a cream colored shirt dress shirt, and khaki pants (he reminds me of the dad on ALF – lol).

We were nearing the end of our semester and my friend who was deeply in love with her boyfriend (the friend I met at work), for no good reason dropped the class and decided to just follow him wherever he went. Maybe he traveled, but she was always wanting to be with him. She and I had spoken and I told her that wasn’t a great idea to leave her schooling to follow a man wherever he may go. She agreed, but said she was madly in love with him and that he would take care of her and not to worry. Off she went. The instructor asked me where my friend was and I told him, she decided to leave.

The next time I was in class, my other friend told me that she needed to go somewhere and that she won’t be back for a while. After several days that I didn’t hear from her, she finally called me and told me that everything is fine and that she is having the time of her life. The following week while in class she called me and said she was captured by ISIS or the Taliban, in any case that isn’t good, but she was acting like it was no big deal. I was thinking to myself, are you nuts? They will kill you, you are a woman.


These are the dreams that I remember from last night.


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