Sleepless in Alexandria

For some reason, I can’t get to sleep and I have no clue why. Is it because I slept so good last night that my body is telling me that I don’t need the rest that my eyes are so telling me that I need? It is nearly 3am and I have tossed and turned for the last two hours. I went to sleep in bed with my husband and was restless, then he began snoring. So, I slept upside down on the bed hoping this would help. As I lay there, thoughts of the government system we are currently under kept running through my mind as well as e plurblis unum. Just recently I had hear this on a documentary I was watching a few times! UGH! So, I went to the sofa where I cuddled up on the couch, but not before my guinea pigs were asking me to feed them. “Shhhh, it is bedtime, go to sleep.” They got quiet, until I was resting and someone, decided to drink from his water bottle and have a late night or extremely early morning snack. As I am writing this I hear some of them. They are probably asking me to “Shhhhhh, it is bedtime, go to sleep”. Anyhow, after they got quiet, I remembered I didn’t put the food away after dinner….great! So, of course I got up, went into the kitchen, and put the food away. Thank goodness it wasn’t meat or anything of the sort, it would have to go to the trash if it were. Then I lay back down on the sofa, squeezing my eyes shut and throwing my leg over the back allowing my leg to be out from under the covers. That didn’t help either. I went back to the bedroom and tried laying down again and my husband is still snoring. I don’t want to wake him from his slumber, but this woman can surly use some. So, I got up again and decided to write about this.

Within the last week, I was advised that I need more magnesium and potassium in my diet….well, I knew I should have gotten those bananas! Now that I think about it, if I am tired and can’t get to sleep, after I eat a banana, my body is ready for bed. hummmm, maybe it will be a good thing to have them on hand in the future. Besides this, I really want to get the phrase e plurblis unum out of my mind and I don’t want to think about a particular friend, I just want to sleep and then I can think and pray in regards to her tomorrow. Ok so I played on Facebook for a little bit, lets try this sleep thing again as it is 4am!


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