A Diversified Life

We love home. We want to go out and about being with what we know is familiar, but what do you do when you have moved and the area you now live is full of people from other countries where you are now the minority? Either you enjoy it and learn or you move away. This morning after dropping off dry cleaning, I noticed the dry cleaner is run by a company from China and several of the employees are Ethiopian or Arabic decent. Next door to the dry cleaner is a Yemeni Cafe’!!! No where else in the world will you see such diversity as you can see here, from my traveling. We don’t have to leave American soil to taste authentic Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Ethiopian, Indian, Italian, Russian, German, and Greek cuisine! Can you believe all of these diversities live in the same general area?! My eyes, ears, and taste buds are definitely getting to travel the world, although my physical body is right here at home!

It is a wonderful experience because not many are able to learn nor understand. I love being culturally diverse and learning of others ways of life and seeing how it correlates from my way of living. If it was not for the diversity life would be boring. So thankful to learn from others.


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