Hurdles, Small Steps, & Miracles

Most often we come to a hurdle in our life, whether it be in our career, in our relationships, or even in our health. One thing that I am learning is that it is important to take baby steps to get beyond the hurdles. If we do not allow ourselves to cope with or work through the hurdleTallhurdles in our life, then we are not growing as an individual or in a particular area in our life.

There are hurdles in many aspects of my life because I have just ignored them instead of confronting them head on or instead of taking the baby steps needed to conquer the hurdles. Each day in our life we have to recognize the hurdles we face and after we give the matter to our creator, then we can truly move forward with the small steps needed to get beyond that which is in our way keeping us from our goal.

This blog is title hurdles, small steps, & miracles because so many of us have goals in our life. Growing up we have all been taught the importance and relevance to have short-term and long-term goals. Unfortunately, many find satisfaction in their short term goals that they become complacent and do not feel the need or desire to move toward the long term goals they have set for themselves years or even months earlier.

Getting to our goals of the perfect career, wonderful relationships, and optimal health takes time. We often here the phrase, “Rome was not built in a day.”, which is true. So, if Rome was not built in a day, what makes you think that you are going to have everything in your life straightened out in even a week? It will not happen, unless you have been working on your goals to get to the place of resolution in your life.

Today, I had to work on a health goal and I cried terribly. After whining about how I didn’t want to do something for my health, I finally realized it is to make me feel better in the long run and help me in other areas of my life. What was I afraid of that I would cry? I was afraid that I would not get better even after doing this exercise that doctor told me to do. I was afraid that I would still be in pain and hurting. Guess what? I was still in pain and hurting, but I had to pumilestonesh through it. The only way I am going to knock down those hurdles that are in my way is to work at them with small steps. Eventually, I will be able to shove the hurdle down and be on my way to the next.

Do not allow yourself to be afraid, although it is understandable why you would be. But, getting the career you have always dreamed of, the most intimate relationships, or optimal health, it all takes work and begins with small steps, to jump over the hurdles, to have your miracle.


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