Times Like These

In times like these, I like to rest my eyes, sit back and allow Yahweh do what only HE can do.

In times like these, I let everything go, because I know I am not alone and need time to heal.

In times like these, my heart is crushed, but I know will get better through time and prayer.

In times like these my body goes limp, but through the weather I become stronger.

In times like these I want to hide away in a silent corner, but eventually joy will come.

In times like these, I want to cry all day long, but my tears will soon subside.

In times like these, I want to become enraged with anger, but that never did anyone any good.

In times like these, I want to sleep all day with the world a million miles away, but my eyes will not allow me to rest.

In times like these, I am feeling all sorts of physical pain, but maybe it is due to the mental anguish I have experienced.

In times like these, I want to love on my husband, because I know he will try to understand and will love on me.

In times like these, I fake that I am okay, but that only hurts me more because I am a wreck and crushed inside.

In times like these, I want to go far away to a beach and watch the waves crash on the sand.

In times like these, I want to go to the park and watch the trees sway and smell the grass.

In times like these, I want to go to the mountain top and be better, but sometimes that journey is very long and hard.

In times like these, I don’t want to do anything just sit still and be alone.

In times like these, I need to hand it all over to Yahweh and not pick it back up again, because HE alone is my provider and ultimate healer.


It is difficult to give our hurts and pains to Yahweh, who says HE will take care of us. But in the long run it is the most healthy thing we can do for ourselves. It does not mean we are denying our pain, but we now know we are not alone and he is walking through the water and fire with us. He is hiding us in the cleft of the rock and under his wings.

Father please take this thorn from me, help me to become happy and joyful once again. Knowing that you have my best interest in mind because you love me and want the best for me. My mind is overwhelmed by pain and agony that only you can heal. Father you love me and you care for me, please heal me right now in your son Yashua’s name. I want to go back to work with my colleagues. I don’t want to sit at home. Perhaps, I just need to rest in you and allow you to do your work in me. Thank you for your love and your greatness. Thank you for all that you have done for me, protecting me from myself and from the enemy. Thank you for your forgiveness. Thank you for your Torah, so I may know you more intimately so that I do not transgress against you.  Thank you for opening my eyes and ears so that I may see and hear your truths, but I ask that you continue to protect me from the evil one. Do not allow me to be deceived or enticed by anything that is not of you, but that I may be more discerning to you and your ways and follow in your righteousness and truth.


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