Kindness of A Stranger

This morning I was not feeling so well and had no idea where my joy was…did I lose it? How does one actually lose joy unless they are just not joyous during that moment? How can you lose a feeling or emotion, unless you just aren’t in that mood? You can’t. Either you are or you are not!

This morning was so gloomy when I woke up. Maybe I woke up on the “wrong side of the bed”, as if there really is a correct side of the bed to roll out of every morning. If this had any truth to it maybe this would be to blame for the pain and sorrow in this world. But then again, there is no truth to that old age adage, just something for us to excuse why we are not in a good mood. Sometimes it works to our favor, other times, not so much.

While I was looking for something for my husband today, a man who was walking pass a store I was walking out of, opened the door for me. He smiled, I smiled and then he opened the door in front of me so that I could walk out of the store. I said “Thank You”, don’t know if he heard me or not, but that did brighten my mood. He had no intentions of walking into the store, but opened the door for me anyhow. Kinda makes me want to hide my face for calling a man under my breath an ‘A’ yesterday for not being a gentleman to me. This does not excuse his actions for acting like he did, but I also have to keep myself in check too. (Long Sigh)

I got home and tried to focus on that man who was so kind to open the door for me to bring me into a better place. You know what, it worked!

At the doctors office I explained to her what happened and she was surprised too. People don’t normally go around opening doors for strangers. Now, I could say, it would have been nice if the man in the vehicle who had seen me carrying two paper bags full of groceries would have helped me to my vehicle as he was parked one space over from where I was parked, but maybe that is asking too much from society today. I will relax and just be thankful for the act of kindness that I got to experience from a stranger today.

THANK YOU to the stranger who opened the door for me, just because. You MADE my DAY!


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