Back To The Grind

So yesterday I went back to work and it wasn’t bad. But I still want to work for myself! I’m so good at so many things, but what I enjoy most is spending the day in nature with my camera and being creative.

Back to training, back to creating presentations, and preparing for something greater than we are using. That is the thing about technology, it is always changing. Not even that long ago, the ever learning had drawn me into this field. With the ability to work from home and the versatility this field offers, along with the creativity and let’s not forget the stress and strain on patience when sites are not functioning or the servers are down again or something somewhere is broken and needs to be fixed. But it can only be fixed if you have the right logon card, because goodness knows you need 8 different cards for 30 different accounts! Talk about confusion! AND as if that weren’t enough stress for you, each passcode for each card is different and you better know which goes where and why with the proper passcode or you’re, yeah you know. So if you can’t login because your passcode needs resetting, you can forget about getting into the server to fix the probelm.

So that is what I’m back to doing! Goodie me! When they decided we need all of these cards and passcodes is when confusion came in. Now, we understand security is an extremely high priority in the world of IT, but come on! Aren’t we “supposed” to be doing work here instead of calling help desk because our passcode expired or we entered it in wrong too many times that everything locked us out! How are we supposed to get any work done for you people!! We are not allowed to write down our passcodes anywhere, just simply remember them and not just any passcode. It needs many characters with all of the criteria. Face palm!

So yes, I enjoyed my 3 weeks away from stress and strain on my patience, doing things that I actually enjoy doing. Once upon a time I had a passion for what I do. I woke up early and began my day early, much early than I do now. Where has my passion gone?


Don’t get me wrong, I can say I have one of the best jobs/careers in the world with a wonderful company who takes care of their employees and makes life/work balance a priority. My manager is wonderful and an outstanding guy. Understanding and helpful in many ways, I couldn’t ask for anyone better. But I definitely could have easily enjoyed more time away.

Ok, well time to get off here.

See you on the otherside.


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