Is Truman Really True?

Many times in my life I can’t help but think that I am like theain character on The Truman Show. You’ve seen it, haven’t you? Well, if not, it’s about a person who was selected to have a world recolve around him. A world was made for him. There are actors and actresses that play parts/roles in his life from a baby to adulthood. He is placed in a conditioned world where every thing that happens in this world is controlled by one individual calling all the shots. From who his girlfriend and wife would be to his dad “dieing” at sea, which didn’t happen you later find out. There are cameras all over his world that are hidden and others in and outside this made up world are watching it! Talk about a reality show!


Sometimes I feel the same way. That someone ia going to pull the curtain back say it was one big experiment and my world will come crashing down around me. The toughts in my mind have become self awareness thoughts. Am I really doing this or is there another reason for these things that happen outside of my control. Anyhow, how can anyone never think this world is one big joke? With big brother installing cameras all around you, to smart phones capturing your face for facial recognition, to the mic, location, and video recorder turning themselves on and off without you being aware!

There is no such thing as privacy anymore. We are constantly being monitored and you wonder why I don’t want a smart or even new tv in my home. You wonder why I don’t want cable tv or even care for onstar in my vehicle. I’m tired of being tracked on my day to day life. I’m ready to put down this phone and other items with tracking devices and go off the grid.


Have you ever seen Tron? I’m getting out of that world and go back to life from the 30s and 40s. When life was simple.



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