Back Stabber

Who are you trying to fool?

You think I’m not paying attention to you?

You think you’re swift, you think you’re sly,

But I got your number and soon you are going to be going bye-bye.

You creep and always have a feel sorry for me day,

It is no wonder your life is going that way.

Maybe you are not telling the truth maybe you really are lying,

It’s ok, because eventually you will be crying. 

Because of your own choices and things you are doing,

It is up to you if you are even worth pursuing.

Stop coming to me with your wimpers and cries,

I have seen the knife you try to hide. 

No longer in my back, no longer a problem of mine.

But it’s ok, because you’ll be the one crying.

When it all catches up to you

It is your choice on what you are going to do, your move.


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