Been A Long Time

Wow, I must admit I can’t believe it has been over a year and 1 month shy of a year that I had the miscarriage and began seeing a counselor. As expected, life has had it’s ups and downs, roller coasters with twists and turns, ins and outs, but most of all, I am finally through the hard part. 

This year alone has taught me about myself, my dreams, my life, my faith, and my love. Once again, I stepped outside of me to see what was happening around me, as well as being mindful of everything going on, being in the moment. I must say, it took me a long while to get here, but I did. Do I stay here? Nope, I continue to move forward trusting YHWH has me in his hand, guiding my every footstep, thought, everything. 

Finally, I am happy about where I am in my life again. The deep hole I was in, is behind me and I continue to walk forward, no, stride forward to my next destination on this journey.


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