Golden Rule still applies

When people are faced with individuals who have an answer for everything or always questioning, or making the person look bad in front of others or themselves, those people will only speak to those individuals with much limitation. To be proactive on team projects, these individuals should be cautious in their responses to not diminish others in front of their peers. This could be detrimental to the development of a successful team and team environment. 

As individuals we need to step back and take an inward look at ourselves and make sure we are as kind to our peers as we would want them to be toward us. This being said, not everyone gets along with everyone, but you can still be kind in your words and deeds. No one is given a free pass to act like a jerk to others. Remember the golden rule? Do into others as you would have them do into you. This applies in many areas of life, personal, college, public places, even work. So, the next time you decide to use your words, whether written or verbal, to attack someone, make them look like they have no idea what they are speaking about in front of others, demeaning them, think….do I want this done to me? Will this help build and benefit the team I am working on? Always keep in mind, the client pays attention to the team dynamic and if they are getting their money’s worth. If you are hindering the team from growing, what are you doing? 

Be kind, be thoughtful, and still be courageous with kindness going before you.


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