Judgemental Thinking

Growing up in a church I was always told to wear your “Sunday” best because afterall, you are dressing in your best for Jesus and you don’t want to give him less than your best. Then as I grew more in my faith and began to really start paying attention the words of JUST AS YOU ARE captured me. We are called to come to the feet of Christ just as we are. On our own we are nothing, our righteousness is filthy as rags. So, no matter how much of an awesome person I am here on this earth, without Christ it is all done in vain and for nought/nothing. When everything boils down to it, it’s meaningless. 

When going to places after church I would see people out and about and not dressed up. So, I thought they were no church goers, sinners, going to hell. I would ball and cry because I assumed they were lost and didn’t have a relationship with God. I would pray while crying asking God to save them, open their eyes, ears, minds, and hearts to truth. 

Several years later while on unemployment and seeking the Bible for truth and asking God to open my heart and show me His truths. He truly has and is continuing to do so. Now that my eyes have been open, notice I said MY EYES have been opened, I understand how I was in the wrong. I was judging people because they were not wearing what I expected them to wear, believer or not. So, publicly I’m asking for forgiveness. As I continue to grow in many aspects of this life, I’m sure I’ll be posting public apologies as I learn more.

We can’t allow ourselves to get hung up on stupid little things and most of all, we are to be careful when judging others. The verse, judge not lest he be judged has been twisted left and right for the past 30 years! Scripture does say, we are to judge righetously other believers. If a believer is not following God in obedience then we as believers are to let them know the right way, in love. Paul says if we see another sinning we are to approach them. If they continue in sin, then we bring another individual in to this matter and we pray for this person, encouraging them to follow in obedience. If they are still in sin, they are then brought before the congregation where it is decided if they are excommunicated from the church. 

Yes, all sin is sin, but when one decides to turn 180 degrees, repent, and walk away from their sin they are forgiven. If one decides to stay in their sin then how can they be free from sin? If God is HOLY and no sin is in Him and no sin in heaven, how do we expect to live in sin or even CONTINUE to sin and expect to be with God in all eternity? That is contradictory to Him, His character, and His Word. 

The judging I had done was unrighetous because it was based on what people were wearing. For this, I’m truly sorry. 


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