Lately, I’ve noticed people driving around with road rage. They will honk their horns, throw their hands in the air, and even use a few choice words. This has led me to think, what if that person whom I have done this to or has done this to me, is my future boss or whom I’m the boss of? What if I’m single and flip off my future in-laws or maybe even my minister, but don’t know it’s him until he turns his head? What if this person is a future professor? 

Can you imagine the outcome of an interview? And what if AFTER you’re hired your manager finally realizes you were the person who caused distress to him on the road during the most miserable day of his life!! What if your minister preaches a sermon about, patience and ties it in with road rage and uses you and an example? Embarrassing. I don’t know about you, but I’d cover my head, sink in my seat and slip out for a while until no one remembers. 

Scripture speaks about your sins finding you out. Sins, even after you have asked forgiveness have consequences. Before you begin to argue…think of this. Two young permiscious people have unmarital sex, she gets pregnant…just because she asked for forgiveness does not mean now there is no baby. Same with other things. Being permiscious can lead to sexual diseases. Even asking for forgiveness you have the consequences of your actions. 

Don’t let the consequences of road rage or impatient driving be on your front door.


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