Identity Crisis

Until you experience the same monthly concerns I’ve experienced since I was 11, until you can push a baby out of your own vagina, you are just a man playing dress up. Putting on a dress, other feminine clothing, wearing make up or dressing yourself up makes you as much of a woman as my putting petals on my body and calling myself a flower. Am I a flower because I ‘identify’ as one? That is the same as you dressing up as a woman and saying you “identify” as a woman. You were born with male parts, not female. So, you are a MAN, NOT a woman. You can be offended all you want about this. I’m offended too. Because you are pretending to be a woman, but have never experienced true life as a real woman. A real woman has a vagina, she bleeds and most have pain monthly in their fertile years. A real woman has hot flashes and chills, experiences menopause. A real woman knows the struggle of not feeling a beautiful or pretty as other females. A real woman knows that after giving birth her body changes and will never be the same again. Women breastfeed their children, men are not ‘Designed to breastfeed. 

So, I’m offended that YOU want to take my experiences of womanhood and lay claim to something you know nothing about. Does (without education) putting on scrubs, a stethoscope, and a mask make you a doctor? Can you be a doctor just because you identify as one? 

Now, as a person, I care about you. I care about everyone and sometimes it’s difficult, but I try. If I didn’t care about you, I wouldn’t be honest with you, I’d allow you to continue down a path that leads to destruction. You can shout out scriptures at me and I can show you the entirety of the passage how it was meant to be, not what it has been twisted to be. 

Scripture says, a man should dress as a man and a woman dress as a woman. The creator of heaven and earth didn’t make a mistake when he assigned us our genitalia. Re-evaluate your life and follow the ways of YHWH.


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