Sugar is Better

So for the past week I’ve been having to write down EVERY thing I’ve eaten and logging my sugar. I can say my sugar is not as high as it was and you know what, I feel better! I’ve stopped sodas, ice cream, candy, cakes, cookies and I LOVE COOKIES, all snacks and junk food! No more crackers, no more simple carbs and no veggies high in carbs!

The way I’ve done this is by increasing my protein, however I’ve just learned protein can turn to sugar too, just like carbs. Ugh. So, I also learned to increase my veggies and healthy fats!

All fats have received a bad name when the government labeled all fats bad, but they never looked into good ole healthy fats we get from veggies vs fats from fried foods and meat. So, as long as I stick to eating whole, REAL food I should be doing well.

I was advised to take 32 oz of water and a few handfuls of fresh greens (spring mix) and a cucumber, to a blender or juicer and drink several times a day. Keep in mind blending you still get your fibers ;), just a bit chunky. This is supposed to heal your pancreas. So I’ve started this and am feeling good about it! GREEN DRINK to the rescue!


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