Protein Bars?? Absolutely NOT

So working with GD, many are saying eat protein bars. Did you know many bars are high in carbs and sugar still? Wish I would have known before I went to the store and purchased a few boxes. The first week I started eating healthier, I only ate complex carbs you get from your veggies. I eat berries with yogurt or cottage cheese!

STAY AWAY FROM BOXED, CANNED, AND PRESERVATIVES! IF you MUST have rice with your meal try riced cauliflower. Either you can make your own or this you can get from the freezer section at your local grocer! It’s very good too, it takes on the flavor of what you add it to.

INCREASE your water intake ALOT! You will have to pee more, but it’s worth it. Add lemon or lime or both!!

If you notice your sugar levels are high Cinnamon helps! I will put a dab of cinnamon on my tounge. Also, to heal your pancreas blend 32 oz of water with spring mix you get from the grocery store and add a cucumber and or lemon for flavor. Drink this throughout the day every day. Still keep your water level up.

If you are like me and absolutely need your coffee do 1 of these 2 things:

1. Use Reddi Whip in the bottom of your cup, not alot It replaces the creamer with carbs and sugars. Reddi whip doesn’t have much sugar.

2. Black coffee with a little half and half and 1/4 to half packet of sugar. NO MORE.

This is VERY important, increase your healthy fats like avocados!! Yumm…

STAY AWAY from fruits that are high glycemic like bananas. I’m sure there are more but can’t remember them right away.

This will help get you in the right direction. Eat whole food, REAL food, more greens!!!

When we are out, I’ll get a salad with grilled chicken and lemon water. Or be creative ad you can be. The goal is to minimize your carbs. You want more protein. BUT I just learned this too. Even if you eat lots of protein and your numbers are increasing that’s because protein turns to sugar too!! Are ya kidding me? Well, I’m not, wish I were. So it’s very important to eat your greens and HEALTHY fats. Nuts and avocados are a good place to begin.

I’m not a doctor, just sharing my experiences and hope it helps you too.


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