Strawberry Goodness

So I’ve been having a hankering for something sweet, but need to be careful of my sugar numbers. I decided to blend frozen strawberries with milk (I use rice dream).

Juicing fruit will only give you sugars from the fruit. However, eating or blending the fruit you are also getting fiber from the fruit. The best fruits to eat right now are well, berries. The strawberries were in the freezer and I just don’t feel like thawing them in my mouth. So I tossed about a cup into the blender with about a cup of milk and made my own strawberry blend! Yummmm and healthy for me and baby.

Strawberry Drink

What you need:

A Blender

1 cup of frozen strawberries

1 cup of milk


Toss all items in the blender and select liquify until all ingredients are blended well. If the drink is to thick add more milk to the thinness of your liking. Pour your beverage into your favorite mug, add a straw if you’d like and enjoy!


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