Immeasurably Blessed

Life is amazing! I am blessed beyond what I ever could have hoped for or imagined. My husband and I both work for a wonderful company that wants their employees to thrive both professionally and personally. We have been blessed with wonderful family. Our parents are loving, kind, generous, and all around great people. We have our little girl!! Oh I’ve longed for her for many, many years. She is growing up right before my very eyes and quickly! We aren’t hurting, but are far from being well off.

On my own time, which is very little these days between work and raising a family, I work on my Jacobs Dreams LLC business where I make health and beauty products. There are a few things I need to get worked out before opening the website, like payment. HA! That would be one important factor to running a successful business. Also, I am a children’s author. My first book is with the publishing house being edited and the illustrations are being drawn. I’m hoping to have it on the shelf by this coming March or April! Then I can submit my next book! YES!! I already have another book written and a few more in my head I need to write down.

YHWH is so good to us. My husband does so much for us. Can he do more? Eh. Sure, but those things can wait because being with him and enjoying life with him is what matters most. Can I do more? I can, but I’m already mixing my nights and days as it is. I’m so very much in love with my πŸ’–husbandπŸ’–. Also, I can see and sense the love between him and our πŸ’– daughter. It’s so thick I can almost run my fingers through it and I love itπŸ’–πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§.

We have our moments like most people do, but we hold our chins up, pray, and hold on to each other in the good and the bad. We get in the trenches for one another. We encourage and support one another. As I already stated I am blessed immeasurably.

Many times we don’t take the time to see even the smallest blessings in our life. I challenge you to share three heartful blessings. What/Who are you blessed with?


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