Where’s My Village

So nearing a year of my little precious being with us. My husband and I have been working at home as our company has allowed us to be on such projects and it’s been awesome so far. BUT I’m STILL exhausted from the nights that I need to wake up to feed every few hours, unable to sleep in during the weekends because cuteness was to roll, kick, bounce and put my body parts in her mouth from fingers, arms and elbows! Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade this for the world! But, I do need a break, I need time to step back, gather my thoughts and rest after long nights. My village is not here. My village is in Michigan, but in order for us to have career and move forward we had to move where the jobs are. However, it isn’t where family is.

Today my husband was informed he will be going on a new project. Will he be able to work from home again/still?? I hope so, but uncertain. This means life as we know it will change again. We have had so many changes this past year that my head is still spinning. But again, I wouldn’t change any of it.

I’m watching my little girl grow up before my eyes. We go to sleep at night and wake in the morning. Somehow, somewhere between it all she is growing taller, becoming smarter, more silly, loveable, you name it!!

I only wish my village could be here to see her grow and help when we need it. Mostly, I’ve been trusting Yahuah to help me because who else and what does it all matter if he isn’t in the midst of it.


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