My mind is a non-stop on the go processes 24/7. The days my mind can rest and the nights I can sleep are such a wonderful blessing. Sometimes I don’t know if it is a blessing or curse to allow my mind to be so deep with many things that I research and learn only to share with others. Granted, I am by far the know it all and never want to have this title. This being said, I do like to know much about many topics and the topics are ever expanding. My world view has changed from where I was just 5 years ago and continues to change based on the information I am learning and growing as an individual. My depth knows no limits and knows no boundaries. I am by far from being politically correct and if by chance there is something that I write about that you are not in agreement with, that is OKAY! These are the things that make us different, otherwise we would have a very boring world if everyone thought and lived the same. Granted, I wish everyone would come to know Yahweh, but I am not going to force anyone’s hand, rather bring them to facts and research that I have come across myself to make your own conclusion. And YES, even though I pride myself on my grammar skills, run on sentences still get the best of me. Perhaps I allow my passions to run away with me and thus go the run on sentences, but I will try my best to not allow that to happen here. If for some reason it does occur, I may or may not come back to clean it up later.

Poetry is a passion of mine and when I am going through something personal in my life, I will write some poetry.

There may be times where I am not on here everyday, but that is okay. This means I have a life and a career that are important to me. Don’t worry, I will always come back with  updates.

I hope you enjoy what you read, you may find that I am quit a unique individual. My other hope is to help others who may face the same obstacles and issues that I too have faced, am facing, and have yet to face.


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