Strawberry Goodness

So I’ve been having a hankering for something sweet, but need to be careful of my sugar numbers. I decided to blend frozen strawberries with milk (I use rice dream).

Juicing fruit will only give you sugars from the fruit. However, eating or blending the fruit you are also getting fiber from the fruit. The best fruits to eat right now are well, berries. The strawberries were in the freezer and I just don’t feel like thawing them in my mouth. So I tossed about a cup into the blender with about a cup of milk and made my own strawberry blend! Yummmm and healthy for me and baby.

Strawberry Drink

What you need:

A Blender

1 cup of frozen strawberries

1 cup of milk


Toss all items in the blender and select liquify until all ingredients are blended well. If the drink is to thick add more milk to the thinness of your liking. Pour your beverage into your favorite mug, add a straw if you’d like and enjoy!


Protein Bars?? Absolutely NOT

So working with GD, many are saying eat protein bars. Did you know many bars are high in carbs and sugar still? Wish I would have known before I went to the store and purchased a few boxes. The first week I started eating healthier, I only ate complex carbs you get from your veggies. I eat berries with yogurt or cottage cheese!

STAY AWAY FROM BOXED, CANNED, AND PRESERVATIVES! IF you MUST have rice with your meal try riced cauliflower. Either you can make your own or this you can get from the freezer section at your local grocer! It’s very good too, it takes on the flavor of what you add it to.

INCREASE your water intake ALOT! You will have to pee more, but it’s worth it. Add lemon or lime or both!!

If you notice your sugar levels are high Cinnamon helps! I will put a dab of cinnamon on my tounge. Also, to heal your pancreas blend 32 oz of water with spring mix you get from the grocery store and add a cucumber and or lemon for flavor. Drink this throughout the day every day. Still keep your water level up.

If you are like me and absolutely need your coffee do 1 of these 2 things:

1. Use Reddi Whip in the bottom of your cup, not alot It replaces the creamer with carbs and sugars. Reddi whip doesn’t have much sugar.

2. Black coffee with a little half and half and 1/4 to half packet of sugar. NO MORE.

This is VERY important, increase your healthy fats like avocados!! Yumm…

STAY AWAY from fruits that are high glycemic like bananas. I’m sure there are more but can’t remember them right away.

This will help get you in the right direction. Eat whole food, REAL food, more greens!!!

When we are out, I’ll get a salad with grilled chicken and lemon water. Or be creative ad you can be. The goal is to minimize your carbs. You want more protein. BUT I just learned this too. Even if you eat lots of protein and your numbers are increasing that’s because protein turns to sugar too!! Are ya kidding me? Well, I’m not, wish I were. So it’s very important to eat your greens and HEALTHY fats. Nuts and avocados are a good place to begin.

I’m not a doctor, just sharing my experiences and hope it helps you too.

Sugar is Better

So for the past week I’ve been having to write down EVERY thing I’ve eaten and logging my sugar. I can say my sugar is not as high as it was and you know what, I feel better! I’ve stopped sodas, ice cream, candy, cakes, cookies and I LOVE COOKIES, all snacks and junk food! No more crackers, no more simple carbs and no veggies high in carbs!

The way I’ve done this is by increasing my protein, however I’ve just learned protein can turn to sugar too, just like carbs. Ugh. So, I also learned to increase my veggies and healthy fats!

All fats have received a bad name when the government labeled all fats bad, but they never looked into good ole healthy fats we get from veggies vs fats from fried foods and meat. So, as long as I stick to eating whole, REAL food I should be doing well.

I was advised to take 32 oz of water and a few handfuls of fresh greens (spring mix) and a cucumber, to a blender or juicer and drink several times a day. Keep in mind blending you still get your fibers ;), just a bit chunky. This is supposed to heal your pancreas. So I’ve started this and am feeling good about it! GREEN DRINK to the rescue!

Pineapple Yogurt Freeze

One thing I’ve learned is cinnamon helps bring down my sugar when it is too high. Knowing pineapple is higher on the glucose index, I wanted to be sure to add cinnamon to this mix. I would highly recommend doing this if you use a fruit that is high on the GI. Otherwise, if you are using berries, you can skip the cinnamon unless you want it.

3/4 c. Greek Plain Yogurt
10 pieces of frozen pineapple (or berries)
2TBSP Cinnamon
2tsp water


In a blender add the yogurt, pineapple (or berries), Cinnamon, and water. Blend until smooth. Place in the freezer about 30 min. Serve and enjoy!


Lately, I’ve noticed people driving around with road rage. They will honk their horns, throw their hands in the air, and even use a few choice words. This has led me to think, what if that person whom I have done this to or has done this to me, is my future boss or whom I’m the boss of? What if I’m single and flip off my future in-laws or maybe even my minister, but don’t know it’s him until he turns his head? What if this person is a future professor? 

Can you imagine the outcome of an interview? And what if AFTER you’re hired your manager finally realizes you were the person who caused distress to him on the road during the most miserable day of his life!! What if your minister preaches a sermon about, patience and ties it in with road rage and uses you and an example? Embarrassing. I don’t know about you, but I’d cover my head, sink in my seat and slip out for a while until no one remembers. 

Scripture speaks about your sins finding you out. Sins, even after you have asked forgiveness have consequences. Before you begin to argue…think of this. Two young permiscious people have unmarital sex, she gets pregnant…just because she asked for forgiveness does not mean now there is no baby. Same with other things. Being permiscious can lead to sexual diseases. Even asking for forgiveness you have the consequences of your actions. 

Don’t let the consequences of road rage or impatient driving be on your front door.

Identity Crisis

Until you experience the same monthly concerns I’ve experienced since I was 11, until you can push a baby out of your own vagina, you are just a man playing dress up. Putting on a dress, other feminine clothing, wearing make up or dressing yourself up makes you as much of a woman as my putting petals on my body and calling myself a flower. Am I a flower because I ‘identify’ as one? That is the same as you dressing up as a woman and saying you “identify” as a woman. You were born with male parts, not female. So, you are a MAN, NOT a woman. You can be offended all you want about this. I’m offended too. Because you are pretending to be a woman, but have never experienced true life as a real woman. A real woman has a vagina, she bleeds and most have pain monthly in their fertile years. A real woman has hot flashes and chills, experiences menopause. A real woman knows the struggle of not feeling a beautiful or pretty as other females. A real woman knows that after giving birth her body changes and will never be the same again. Women breastfeed their children, men are not ‘Designed to breastfeed. 

So, I’m offended that YOU want to take my experiences of womanhood and lay claim to something you know nothing about. Does (without education) putting on scrubs, a stethoscope, and a mask make you a doctor? Can you be a doctor just because you identify as one? 

Now, as a person, I care about you. I care about everyone and sometimes it’s difficult, but I try. If I didn’t care about you, I wouldn’t be honest with you, I’d allow you to continue down a path that leads to destruction. You can shout out scriptures at me and I can show you the entirety of the passage how it was meant to be, not what it has been twisted to be. 

Scripture says, a man should dress as a man and a woman dress as a woman. The creator of heaven and earth didn’t make a mistake when he assigned us our genitalia. Re-evaluate your life and follow the ways of YHWH.

Judgemental Thinking

Growing up in a church I was always told to wear your “Sunday” best because afterall, you are dressing in your best for Jesus and you don’t want to give him less than your best. Then as I grew more in my faith and began to really start paying attention the words of JUST AS YOU ARE captured me. We are called to come to the feet of Christ just as we are. On our own we are nothing, our righteousness is filthy as rags. So, no matter how much of an awesome person I am here on this earth, without Christ it is all done in vain and for nought/nothing. When everything boils down to it, it’s meaningless. 

When going to places after church I would see people out and about and not dressed up. So, I thought they were no church goers, sinners, going to hell. I would ball and cry because I assumed they were lost and didn’t have a relationship with God. I would pray while crying asking God to save them, open their eyes, ears, minds, and hearts to truth. 

Several years later while on unemployment and seeking the Bible for truth and asking God to open my heart and show me His truths. He truly has and is continuing to do so. Now that my eyes have been open, notice I said MY EYES have been opened, I understand how I was in the wrong. I was judging people because they were not wearing what I expected them to wear, believer or not. So, publicly I’m asking for forgiveness. As I continue to grow in many aspects of this life, I’m sure I’ll be posting public apologies as I learn more.

We can’t allow ourselves to get hung up on stupid little things and most of all, we are to be careful when judging others. The verse, judge not lest he be judged has been twisted left and right for the past 30 years! Scripture does say, we are to judge righetously other believers. If a believer is not following God in obedience then we as believers are to let them know the right way, in love. Paul says if we see another sinning we are to approach them. If they continue in sin, then we bring another individual in to this matter and we pray for this person, encouraging them to follow in obedience. If they are still in sin, they are then brought before the congregation where it is decided if they are excommunicated from the church. 

Yes, all sin is sin, but when one decides to turn 180 degrees, repent, and walk away from their sin they are forgiven. If one decides to stay in their sin then how can they be free from sin? If God is HOLY and no sin is in Him and no sin in heaven, how do we expect to live in sin or even CONTINUE to sin and expect to be with God in all eternity? That is contradictory to Him, His character, and His Word. 

The judging I had done was unrighetous because it was based on what people were wearing. For this, I’m truly sorry.